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fil mishmish

wow i just realized it's only tuesday
school irritates me. not just school,
but the lack of sleep i am able to get because of it.

however, on the bright side..
guess who's getting their grades up in chemistry.
that's right, ME.
seriously, i'm gonna try to do so good this quarter.

soo yeah, today was a pretty good day
2nd period me aaron and kristin decided to plan a satyagraha against mr. hatfield, lol
that would be AWESOME if the class actually did it (dhoti's optional, of course)
sorry if that was a little too much global history for ya'all
i just used the word ya'all, and that's probably because i still have the image of conor oberst dressed like a cowboy stuck in my head.
danielle showed me the ropes today at lunch, spoon>bowl>milk haha
yeah, we're cool because we eat special k for lunch.
today was mrs. slaver's last day in spanish
mrs. k is coming back, and the whole class is gonna fail the regents because she sucks at teaching.
and then in foods we got brownies!
we didn't even have to make anything, so that was pretty cool

then after school i hung out with steve
he brought me flowers again :)
i love when he does things like that
and today i realized that the day of prom is our 2 month anniversary
it's gonna be so much fun.. we have the most random limo haha
but at least i'll be with kelly, and steve of course, so it won't be too bad.
kelly and i also (not on purpose) are getting our hair done at the same time, at the same place lol
i can't wait.. and i also can't wait for bright eyes & the faint on the 22nd! :-D
this month seriously kicks ass.

i love you.
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