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i made this bed and now it's time to sleep

last night was so incredibly random but sooo much fun
ok so me and steve decided to go to the movies at like 9:00
so he picked me up.. half way there we decided not to go
we were gonna be late and we didn't really want to go anyway
so we drove around a little and went to the rez
we saw a shitload of kids there.. and i was like hey it's danielle!
then i saw will and sam too.. and sam goes STEVE!!
then she starts running towards the car.. and steve like drives away
he did a burnout and then went back..
and all these kids were like woahhh sick burnout! =-O
steve goes "i can do a better one".. and he did haha
then sam had him show these kids the cool lights in his car lol
once again, everyone was like woahhh =-O
haha it was so funny.. everyone thinks i have the coolest boyfriend now :-P
then they told us they were gonna play manhunt
so me and steve decided to stay for a round
we finally split up into two teams.. our team hid first
steve took charge.. and he got reallyyy into it haha
the other team gave up after a while so we all just went back
then me and steve left and went back to his house for a while
it was a good night.. i love him so much.
i got home at like 11:30 and had the weirdest sleep ever.
the end!
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haha last night was great and random, something told me you and steve where going 2 be there...

steve...I give him an A+++ ...amazing burn-out...

congradulations on the prom too:-P

30 days!!!:-P

peace out my homie
haha it must be that psychic connection we have..

and yeah, steve is the coolest :-P

i can't wait till the 22nd!!