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half of the time we're gone but we don't know where

i just decided that i don't really like rainy days that much.
sometimes they're ok, but right now, i don't like them.
i finally got my report card.
i did so much better on my finals than i thought i did.
i still made the A honor roll, so i'm relieved.
with that said, i'm gonna try and do so much better next year.
seriously- i have to try and put some effort in next time around.
i think that's all i have to say for now.

.. My name is: adriana
I was born on: october 25, 1989
I am a: typical teenage girl with typical problems and a typical life.
My hair color is: brown
My height is: 5'1-ish
I am allergic to: nothing
I live in: a biolevel house
My bed is: high
One thing I know for sure about the opposite sex: i don't like to make sweeping statements about large groups of people because i don't want to offend anyone.
I am glad I'm my sex because: women are generally more capable of multi-tasking, so i've heard.
My best friends are: hilarious and i couldn't live without them.
A perfect kiss is: one that gives you butterflies.
The last three CDs I bought are: i don't even remember.
Last song that made me cry was: i'm not sure
I could not live without: chapstick & water
My most treasured possession is: i don't really have one
What did you do last night?: went to the movies & hung out at steve's house
My skin's reaction to the sun is: tan

I do/do not believe in
Love at first sight?: no.. lust at first sight, yes.
Luck? maybe
Fate? not really
God? i don't know
Aliens?: yeah
Heaven?: idk
Hell?: idk
Ghosts?: yes
Horoscopes? sometimes
Soul mates? maybe

-Here's What I Think About-
Backstabbers?: not cool
School?: i hate homework
America?: i don't really know any countries well enough to have anything to compare it to
Love?: neato
Friends before love: it's ok as long as it doesn't ruin the friendship in the end

-Last time I...
Took a shower: last night
Talked on the phone: a couple hours ago with steve
Kissed someone: last night
Hugged someone: last night
Seen someone I haven't seen in a while: i guess seeing people from school at the fireworks.
Drove: i can't yet :[

Which celebrity or famous person are you in love with?: johnny depp
One thing I'm pissed about right now is: not spending as much time with steve as i should be
The last movie I saw in the theater was: rebound
The thing I dont understand is: life
The one thing I love about the opposite sex is: i can't just pick one thing
This week I am: trying to enjoy summer
This summer vacation I am: idk

-The thing that I'm looking forward to the most about...-
Tomorrow: nothing yet
Next summer: wow idk
Next week: more summer

People call me: adriana, adri, laundry
The person who I talk to the most on the phone is: steve
The person(s) who knows the most about me is/are: sam, jen, chelsea and steve.
The person who can read me the best is: ^^^
The most difficult thing to do is: pro baseball looks really hard..
My zodiac sign is: scorpio
The first person I thought I was in love with was: everyone knows but i'm not repeating it haha
...truly in love with?: i love steve more than anyone
The one person who can't hide things from me: sam haha
I have these pets: 1 dog
I wish I was: older
The best shoulder to cry on: i don't usually cry
I almost died when: i think the only times i've only died was from laughing too hard at my friends.

Right now I'm wearing: pj pants & a sweatshirt
The last person I pissed off was: my mom probably?
My worst drinking experience was: oh man. this is still way too sensitive of a subject.
The last movie I watched was: i kinda watched saving private ryan at steves
The all-time best thing in the world is: having fun and being happy
The most annoying thing ever is: parents.
I lose all respect for people who: are hypocrites and/or are stupid
The worst pain I was ever in was: i don't know
My room is full of: uhh. furniture?
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