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if you hate the taste of wine, why do you drink it till you're blind?

today was such an awesome day
school was actually not too bad
i was in a pretty good mood all day
i wasn't exhausted when i woke up
jen and i laughed so much on the bus
1st period i took an easy chem test
our soccer team in gym is awesome
and we made really good milkshakes in foods.

after school was even better
me and steve went to his house for a while
we just chilled for a little bit
it was really nice :)
then we went to the mall to get his tux for prom
we ended up walking around and going to a bunch of stores for a while
it was really fun.. idk why, we just have such a good time together
we went into hot topic lol, just for fun
and they were fucking... playing this song
i think i almost fainted when i stepped into the store and heard it lol
steve showed me how to get $11.99 cd's at FYE
then we went to sossi formals to get his tux
on the way home from the mall we went to sunshine studios
that place is awesome.. we met this really cool guy by the insence
..it was a fun experience.
then i came home and my mom made an awesome dinner

and now i'm here.. i feel soo relaxed right now for some reason
i think it's just because i'm in a good mood
but now i have to stop floating in the clouds to do some homework :\

i love you..♥
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